Machine Morality: Where Robotics Meets Ethical Behavior Standards

Deborah Kakolobango, Viktorija Ulickaite, Isabell Schwanke, Sergejs Mikaeljans, Itsaso Goikoetxea Mallea, Xu Huiqin

The breakthrough of digital technology and 4th Industrial Revolution have already affected almost all industries and economies in the world. Global interest in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies shows its potential to transform the way people live. Self-driving cars, intelligent home assistants, smartphones and precise medical predictions are only the first steps of AI use in industry, whereas its potential in many more industries are growing rapidly. In the past decade, tech companies, including Facebook, Google and Amazon not only invested large amount of money in artificial intelligence, but also opened research labs to deal with its future development and growing threats.


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AI: Fiction of the past, reality of the present, problem of the future?

Artificial Intelligence: Ethics and Regulations

Seda Yılmaz, Mehmet TURGUT, Müfit Yılmaz Gökmen, Begüm Yurttaş , Sibel Pekin, Renjani Puspo Sari

Artificial intelligence (AI) was a thing in many movies back in the 90s, but now it’s slowly taking over our lives. From credit card transactions, Google translate, GPS in our cars, spam filters, to Siri in iPhone, AI is pretty much everywhere. It’s also seen as a big leap and a very profitable sector, so it has been researched and questioned by public, private and academic entities. But this rapid increase comes with new challenges for all, especially in terms of its effects on society, the dynamics of human life and how to regulate these imminent changes.


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