Being a TV viewer in the Digital Era

Challenges and Opportunities for the Future of Broadcasting in the Digital Era

A. Afilipoaie, B. Anokye, D. Dodul, M. Esau, K. Gokhman, L. Zavala

A few decades ago, “watching television” was a daily habit that suddenly became a lost practice in the Digital Era due to the development of new technologies, the arrival of more and better devices and connectivity improvements that completely changed users’ experience, allowing them to watch whatever they want, at any time and in any place.

The internet damaging television

The internet offers new channels where users can participate in content production, creating a sense of ownership over the medium, a sense of empowerment that was absent in the era of television or broadcast media.

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Ready for our first speaker, Ross Biggam, Vice President Government Relation EMEA, Discovery Communications?

Technology has changed the way we interact with each other and our environment, and in turn, this has changed the way of storytelling in modern broadcasting. How do we analyse the threats and challenges for broadcasting today in this unpredictable digital era? Is it still possible for traditional broadcasters to develop and thrive again by grasping the emerging opportunities? Within this context, we have invited our first speaker Ross Biggam to bring us insights based on his expertise and open the floor for discussion.

Lecture Theme:  Threats and Opportunities for Broadcasting in the Digital Era.

 Our first Lecture will take place in Room Q.B from 17:00-19:00,  Next Tuesday, March 6th .

Ross Biggam, our first Guest Speaker, is currently Vice President Government Relation EMEA, Discovery Communications. After studying at Exeter and Saarbrücken, Ross worked as Legal Adviser to the House of Lords EU Select Committee before joining ITV, the leading commercial broadcaster in the UK, where he ended up as Head of European Affairs. In April 2000, he moved to Brussels to become Director General of the Association of Commercial Television in Europe (ACT) before moving to Discovery in November 2015. Ross is also Visiting Professor in Creative Industries at the University of Glasgow.

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